06 October, 2010

Beautiful memories of Dave the Barber…

It was haircutting time at Wat Opot. Two local barbers came to us; sort of a Khmer (Cambodian) house call of sorts. I am sure it is well worth their trip as a dozen or more boys needed their expertise. When I came upon the sight dear ole’ Dad came to mind. Actually any barber shop I stumble upon brings back wonderful memories. When I went with Bhola to get his hair cut in Nepal, I sat and grew sad and then would grin at a recollection; a silly spontaneous action or gesture or sarcastic phrase my dad would blurt out.


It still hurts so much at times not having his physical presence here; but images and experiences such as the ones below bring him closer than ever.

Electricity is a luxury here, so electric clippers may not be an option.  The clippers these men used were manual. Workable like a scissors. They basically cut the boys hair with those and they were pretty good at it!!

Three year old Way was given a really short crew cut and then a mowhawk was left in the back running from the top of his head to his neck. It was a riot and for him, fitting! I didn’t get a photo because I didn’t notice it until the next day. I’ll have to get a shot of him soon, but it’s difficult as he is always running TOWARDS me not away : -)

Another satisified customer :-)


Anonymous said...

My dad used to get his haircut by your dad Dave for many years, as long as, I can remember. My dad always has nothing but the utmost respect for your dad and was sad when Dave passed away. My dad said that your dad was not only a great barber, but a fine human being. Your dad and your mom working at the bank touched many lives in a positive way in their own everyday experiences there in an ordinary place of Kansas. Be proud of your mom and dad and your roots. I am sure that you are.

Melinda said...

Dear anonymous

Wish you would have left your name...

Not a day goes by that I don't remember where I am from and realize how amazing my upbringing was, surrounded by my family, grandparents and extended family, friends and small town atmosphere.

I am the compasionate person that I am today because of my parents and I strive to be like them in everything I do.