22 September, 2010

ON my porch…

Some of the younger ones (under 5) don’t get to go to school. Occasionally I bring them into my dwellings to make them feel like one of the ‘big kids’. Today, Virak, Way and Tong had ‘school’ with Melinda.

Cutting for the first time!

Using a straight edge

School tends to get boring for a 3 yr. old.. No, Mr. Way, you CANNOT have my water bottle…

Sigh, how can I resist that face…YES, you and Virak can use it as a drum!

On to my bed to read a book.

Tuh Tuh Tuh, “T”!

Mr. Tong, that is a very lovely picture!!


Deannahoxie said...

those are great! I think someone is going to be a famous artist!

Melinda said...

They actually have an amazing art teacher here that works with some of the older kids. Their paintings are incredible!

I'll have to post some of them soon!

Pamala Smith said...

I loved the play by play of the little guys. Your world isn't really that different than mine when it come to preschoolers and play or learning. I love that curious and innocent disposition about them. Thanks for sharing:)

Melinda said...

You're right Pam, children are children no matter where they are in the world. Some of the kids you work with probably have unfortunate backgrounds as well.

I'll be thinking of you when I'm with them next :-)