15 September, 2010

Playing House...

It never fails…children will emulate their parents, or in some cases when there is no parents, the children replicate the activities of those who care and love them. As I was walking to lunch one day, I passed 2 little ones having a tea party. Of course little china cups and saucers are not always needed to have a good time pretending. The little girls had water bottle tops and other misc. plastic containers and pieces. I hesitated to continue to the lunch gazebo because I couldn’t believe how utterly cute the sight was… and I didn’t have my camera on me. I decided to not go back for the camera as my stomach was growling!

 Later that afternoon, trusty camera in hand, I came upon a whole herd of the children partaking in the wonderful world of make-believe; and to add to my pleasure there were boys too! (and not only sampling the food, they were involved in the preparation and service of it also).

They had a little kitchen area with a stove, bottles of tea (dirty water from the fish pond) and plenty of extra food (sand).

The serving tray was a broken piece of a blue plastic clip board.

Some of the kids ‘ordered’ directly from the kitchen as Kunthea did her best to serve them!

From the looks of their smiles, I guess the little café was a success!


Deannahoxie said...

Love a tea party!

Melinda said...

Me Too! No little china dishes here to break :-)