15 August, 2010

ON my way...

August 12th. – Left from Wichita, KS to Chicago and then a non stop into Hong Kong. This is all I got to see of Hong Kong –from the airport window... Not much of a layover there, only a couple of hours. I searched all over for a coffee place, to no avail. I finally just settled down on a lounge chair (THAT airport was really nice!) and waited for my flight.

A couple hours later I arrived in Vietnam, EARLY! Just what I needed...an extra 30 minutes tacked on to my 14 hour layover. I arrived at 9:30pm on the 12th and once departing I went to the info desk to let them know that I had a connecting flight. The lady looked at me when she punched up my flight and said in a comical way “You fly out tomorrow at 12pm?” when I replied yes, she motioned to some seats and said. “Stay there until 10am tomorrow morning and then come to the desk and they will get you your flight information.
I glanced at the seats (about 5 rows of 6 seats) and realized that was my bed for the night. There was a TV at the front playing some movie with Nicholas Cage in it, but over the constant loudspeaker, I couldn’t hear anything. I figured it was too early, and way to noisy to try to sleep so I read for awhile then watched the next flights land and the travelers stand in line at customs.

The channel was changed to some Vietnamese sitcom and the guys were laughing so hard at the television that I started watching it. The humor was obviously in the words as the people on the screen were not doing anything funny.

About 1am the last flight came in and by 1:20am the place was shut down. Literally everyone just packed up and went home, everyone but a couple of security guards.

I eventually fell asleep and awoke with the TV blaring some MTV channel with high pitched singers. I dozed off again and this time awoke to the airport announcing flights coming in. I stretched and sat up –it was around 5am. I read for awhile and probably dozed a little again. At 8am someone approached me and informed me that my flight at noon had been cancelled. I sighed and asked when they could get me out. she said at 3:15pm, BUT they would give me a pass to the Business Lounge! I quickly packed up my things and followed her to the counter where I was given a boarding pass and the coveted Business Lounge Pass!

When I walked in, I was met with a steaming pot of coffee, hot tea and a large table of food – JACKPOT! With my frugal dad on my mind, I sat down and helped myself to a cup of coffee and once I finished that, I waited. Waited for someone to come and give me a bill for it... when someone came by and took the cup and did not ask for money, I was really thrilled! I piled a plate with veggies, tofu and rice and another with strange looking fruit...and helped myself to another cup of coffee.

2:45 FINALLY came around and I packed up again to board the plane with my final stop –Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

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