07 June, 2010

You TOO can play with CHALK!!

The Three Stooges were following me around the other day like baby chicks following a hen.  At a loss for what to do with them; I was tired of the 'happy/sad' or 'mine/yours' game.  I also know the Nepali words for eyes, nose, hair, etc...so didn't feel like that either....then I remembered my stash of CHALK!

They pecked along behind me while I went up to top floor. We started with the alphabet and they really got into it but it wasn’t long before they were drawing portraits…portraits of who, I didn’t ask!

When they exhausted my chalk supply, I stepped back to observe their artwork.  You have to love the mentality of 3 and 4 year olds!  Do we really look like a centipede in their eyes?

How about the bat looking human with super skinny long legs? 

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