04 June, 2010

Three cheers for CHEEZY POOFS!!

Innocently enough driving down the road heading home from the half day of school today the bus suddenly jerked to a stop. But instead of children exiting a couple of the older boys jumped off and then back on with a very large something in their hands. They deposited the something amidst laughter and cheers. I peered around the 17 children sitting on my lap (only a bit of an exaggeration – seriously!) and what did I see??

It seems that a very large (Costco size) bag of individually wrapped servings of a cheese ball snack had fallen of the roof of a bus or van or perhaps even the back of a bicycle –these people are the queens of transporting things from one place to another. I don’t know if our trusty driver had stopped to get it or if he had been instructed by Jaya who was sitting in the front of the bus. Supporting nourishment to 31 children, Jaya could probably spot free food ANYWHERE!

Regardless of who stopped the bus, it totally cracked me up, I guess because it’s something I would have done. I have been known to pick up things on the road, wash them up and use them. I consider this to be resourceful and even environmental at times. This even has its benefits beyond the obvious. My mother sent me a large pack of hair ties after she witnessed me picking one up off the ground in DC (it was hot and I had forgotten to bring one with me). I have picked up t-shirts in the road, many bandanas and even one left foot flip- flop while living in Belize. It was only a little bigger than the one I had lost in the river a couple of days earlier; different color, but hey, it served the same purpose.

So among my list of ‘freebies’ I can now add Cheezy Poofs! I’ll just have to be on the lookout for when they are given out to the children and get in line!  Or maybe I can sneak into the not-so-secret-anymore food storage room and sneak a few bags.  I could always say "the mice must have got them"...

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