13 June, 2010

Some of my meals and snacks!!!

This is a sweet treat served up to me on a homemade leaf dish. It’s a sugar mixture that I refer to as “cookie dough” and very good!

Fried roti (bread) with 2 different kinds of Achars (sweet/spicy/bitter mixture made with vegetables or fruit)

Banana Crepes!

This one is not one of my favorites. It’s puffed rice cereal which tastes like cardboard to me. The kids love it and they eat it plain as a snack. On this day I put the cereal in the chai (tea) to give it some flavor but it quickly turned soggy and I had to drink the a slushy mixture. I refuse to waste food here, so I now turn down the snack instead of trying to find a way to enjoy it.

Another fried roti dish with some veggies on the side. I LOVE this roti and when I mentioned that it was sooo good, Bhola said I can have it more often, just tell Chandra. After weighing the unhealthiness of the treat, I didn’t mention anything to her…they love to please here and I could see them making it for me everyday!

Mango!! I am speechless at its glowing beauty…

This snack was served first to me during a holiday here. I was perplexed as it was served on a plate without a spoon (in contrast to the one in the photo). It is a mixture of different freshly ground flours with sugar. I watched the kids eat it and they were basically grabbing a handful and putting it in their mouth. I did the same and got half of it down my shirt and the other half was stuck like glue inside my mouth. I took a big drink of water and washed it down. I looked around convinced that they had given it to me as a joke to see if I would indeed eat anything they give me, but nope, everyone was eating it up. I managed to pinch a little bit in my fingers and bring it to my mouth with minimal spillage…but although it was interestingly good, I wasn’t that much into eating sugar flour! The next time they brought it to me, I was alone in my room and they had given me a spoon with it. I took a big mouthful and about choked to death! Half of the powdery mixture got sucked down my throat on my next breath and the other half stuck tight to the inside of my mouth. I then realized that if I was going to be able to enjoy this yummy healthy treat I would have to get creative. I poured some water into the mixture like a porridge (cream of wheat-ish) and it was much better. The third time it was served to me, Bhola and I were working on the computer and I told him of my way of eating it. He tried it my way and said he liked it!

Now on to the meals!

This is a typical meal with Bhat (rice), vegetable and potatoes (mixed with sprouting beans) on the plate and daal in the small round dish. Daal is used like a gravy for the main meal and are typically made from lentils. This meal we also had homemade yogurt on the side. Basically you pour the daal over the rice mix with your hands and then add some of the other foods to the rice, mix again and eat!

This meal was very filling! In addition to the Dhal baat, we had potatoes/beans, a vegetable and also greens and ROTI (bread)! YUM! There is also a glimpe of ‘pickle’ under the roti.

A couple more same, same, but different meals.

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