06 June, 2010

Rajita is here!

A couple of days ago, little Rajita arrived at CPH. Some relatives had brought her to the school because they couldn’t care for her. Her story like many of the others is heart wrenchingly sad. Her father killed her mother (about 6 months ago) and is now in prison. None of her relatives can or will take care of her. Most of them are immigrant workers who travel back and forth from India looking for work (mostly as underpaid hard laborers or as ‘slave labor’ in someone’s home). Rajita came bounding into CPH with a smile as big as her pudgy little cheeks! She’s around 5 or 6 and is just an amazing little girl all the more so considering what she has gone through.
Bhola assigned Amrita to be her didi (or big sister); to look after her and make sure she feels welcomed. This is a task most of the older kids love, their own personal little brother or sister to show the ropes to. Amrita is especially lucky since Rajita immediately took to the place and everyone. She is always grinning!
She arrived here early one evening after we had to wait a week while her paperwork was arranged. They had to verify her father’s citizenship before they could verify hers. In Nepal you are only a legal citizen if your father was. They mother’s line (if I understand it correctly) doesn’t matter. Lack of birth certificates are a problem in the rural areas and if your father abandons you or dies then you could forever have trouble proving that you are a true Nepali.

Bhola didn’t want to take her in until this paperwork was complete since if she was comfortably at CPH, then her relatives may not be so quick to get the information and the courts may stall as well. Luckily Bhola is very well respected in this community and things tend to get done quickly and properly when he is involved.

So Rajita is now here to stay. Her first night here Bhola introduced her in prayer and had her say that she would listen and respect Amrita and Amrita in turn promised to protect and help her. She was soooo cute standing up confidently in front of everyone. Everyone looked at her like we received a cute little puppy and when Bhola finally said “Rajita you are now family” everyone cheered and clapped!

There are now 31 children here -16 girls and 15 boys.

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lynelle said...

What a touching story. Love your web page Mindy.