12 June, 2010

New Clothes!

While Steffi was in Kathmandu she managed to snag 3 Nepali ‘dresses’ or ‘cortas’ She brought them to Dang and lent me one to wear last Friday -we went to school in style! The reception we received, first at CPH and then again at HVP was a bit overwhelming. I don’t care how vain a person may be, being told over and over “Miss, you look beautiful!” gets old fast. I mentioned to Steffi that if we were ever feeling low we should just wear a corta and our spirits (and ego) will rise.

Steffi and I in our Nepali glory!

Now these clothes do nothing to flatter the figure, which is actually nice in its own special way. I came here without a mirror and didn’t have one for the first month and a half. I used the reflection of myself in my bedroom window to see if my hair was doable or not. Basically I have had to come to terms with my thin-fine-super straight hair. There’s nothing I can do with it here. No blow-dryer, no product, basically no style. It’s ponytailville for me every day. I snagged a small hand held mirror that an overnight guest left in the bathroom we shared. Putting in my contacts became much easier! But now I could see what I looked like every day; life was easier without the mirror, but I grew to appreciate its reflective presence.

Wearing the Corta (which is actually the name for the top, the pants and scarf each have names too, but I’ve yet to firm them to memory) is like having the freedom I had before Little Miss Mirror entered my life. The corta is made to cover your butt. You can have them made to be a little shorter, but the butt shield is mandatory. No full length mirror is needed with these babies!

I loved wearing it so much that day! It just felt right on my body. So much so that today I went to the cloth store with Bhola and Steffi and bought enough material for 3 of them! It will be really nice to wear them to the school since my personality wants to fit in more than stand out…

In the cloth store, I was right at home! There were so many beautiful choices! I told Bhola that I would like to have 3 corta’s (tops) that have similar colors and then get 3 pants that could be worn with all 3 tops; interchangeable outfits. Bhola looked at me and said a very quizzical “Why?”. I had previously realized that that’s not the norm here so instead of explaining my reasoning, I just said,” never mind, help me pick some cloth”. All boxes aren’t meant to be looked outside of…or not at least at this time. I picked 2 top fabrics, 2 pant fabrics and 2 scarf fabrics and then one nicer more detailed set of all three already cut and ready to be made all for the whopping price of about $25

This pile of cloth will now be 3 authentic Nepali outfits!

Can’t wait to get my new digs tailor made for me!

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