20 June, 2010

Is Gluttony ALWAYS a sin??

If so, it’s unheard of at CPH! Last night Bhola mentioned to the kids at Prayer that I will be leaving in a few days and then later that evening, he asked me what my favorite foods here are so they can prepare them for me before I leave. I am very aware that saying “I don’t know” or “Really, I like everything” is not an acceptable answer and will only be met with further persuading to indeed TELL them what you like…so I said…
”um…I like that potato and onion thing with green stuff on it…I like Carela (sp?) which is a black long extremely bitter thing; that most hate…I like the rotee with the potato and onion on the inside…I like anything with chick peas in it…I love ‘yellow’ rice.” --I figured that was enough to answer their question.

Well today at brunch (since we eat around 10, it’s not really classified as breakfast or lunch since we won’t eat a full meal again until evening) Steffi was skipping a meal since her stomach wasn’t feeling so hot. As I sat down to eat and they started filling my place, Jaya told me that she had made the rice and Laxmi had made the pickle dish and Chandra had made the daal and Monita had made the saag (greens). I made a point to tell them all THANK you for all pitching in to make such a tasty meal!

Well, I don’t know if it was because Steffi wasn’t there or what, but they loaded up my plate and seriously wouldn’t take no for an answer. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to be stuffed! Just when I thought I couldn’t eat anymore, Jaya proceeded to dump another load of yellow rice on my plate. I said STOP! You are going to make me moti (Nepali for fat). Well that didn’t stop her as she said “Miss, little little” –referring to her just giving me a ‘little more’ food. I sighed and started eating again. I thought that there was no way I could waste this specially prepared food as the philosophy of ‘binge and purge’ suddenly popped into my head.

Well after I stuffed the last of my delicious meal in my mouth, I hunted down Steffi and told her that she HAD to eat dinner because they are making me eat her portions as well as mine!

We actually had a late brunch around 11 today, so I was still full when I heard the snack bell ring around 3:00. I thought “oh good TEA TIME” and patiently waited for the knock on my door…well the knock just came and not only wasn’t it tea, it wasn’t a liquid. Instead beautiful miss Lata brought me a plate ½ full of the same potato/chickpea pickle I had stuffed down at brunch as well as a huge amount of ‘cookie dough’. Now I have had my share of sneaking dough while baking, but the amount they have me would have made a dozen cookies easily!

Alone here in my room, I contemplated my option of physically tossing it away, but mentally and emotionally, sigh, I just can’t….so here I sit eating the last of the sweet dough as Monita shows up with my tea; presumable to wash down my gluttonous actions.

I sincerely hope that they are not going to feed me like this for the next 4 days or I’ll have to take to wearing my mala prayer beads all the time as to counteract my action.

Dear God, please forgive them, as they know not what they do – and forgive me as I do know what I do, but am unable to stop! If you look the other way this one week, I promise that after June 27th, I won’t stuff myself with Nepali food until November 1st. Deal?

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