16 June, 2010

I’m leaving one a jet plane (once again).

Well, after 45 minutes on and off with Air France, I have my ticket changed! I will leave Nepal and be back to Kansas in time watch my niece walk down the aisle. That same little niece that would have been my flower girl had I not backed out of my own wedding once upon a time! Instead of “Oh, that’s my Aunt Melinda; I have such fond memories of the time I got to wear a pretty dress and be in her wedding”, it will now be, “Oh, that’s my Aunt Melinda, she’s destined to be an old maid and couldn’t even afford to buy me a wedding present”…

After being in the states for the month of July, I plan to head to Cambodia and work/live at Wat Opot Children's Community a home for vulnerable children whose life has been altered in one way or another because of HIV/AIDS. I will be in Cambodia from August through October and then back to CPH – Nepal in November. Don’t ask me what’s after that because in a place where I rarely know the day or time, that’s about as far in advance I can even fathom at this time!

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