24 June, 2010

heading to Kathmandu...

I am heading to Kathmandu to hang out with Ashley for a few days before I head to the US (via India and Paris).  Not sure when I'll blog again, could be a couple of weeks, so in the meantime, you can reminisce on past blogs...it is summer right -time for all the re-runs?  If I was a big fancy blogger, I could hire a temp -like a guest blogger everyday, but then one of my guest bloggers could get a following and then branch on his/her own and then demand more attention and I would slowly slip away into oblivion and then the call one lonely evening as I sit rocking back and forth in the darkest corner of my mother's basement. The call that my presence is requested on some horrible TV show like "Where Are They Now? -The Virtual Series" or "Blog Brother" or the worst of all a Jerry Springer episode titled "I blogged, er...I mean...'dated' her when she was cool"!       

I just got the chills!  Ick!

I will miss the children here, but will look forward to my Cambodian adventure in Aug and then back to CPH in November!

Peace and Good Stuff,

Melinda Kay

on a strange note:  when ever I typed 'could' it came out 'cold' and then 'could be' actually was typed 'cold beer'!  Do I miss airconditioning, ice cubes, and goose bumps?  Just what is my subconscious telling me!

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