10 June, 2010

FUN on the School Bus!

The new bus now has the school name applied to it! And the ‘old’ bus is still chugging along bringing us safely (with the help of our master driver) to and from school. Since it’s impossible to quickly and quietly take a photo without 100 pairs of eyes catching me, I only got in a quick shot of Jyoti crashed out on the bus –and our driver who had to keep glancing at her to make sure she didn’t all of a sudden jerk her foot and hit the gear shift.

After that I just handed my yet-to-be-broken camera to the boys in the seat in front of me and said, ‘have at it’.

They snapped one of Jyoti on my knee after I removed her from the engine plate thing since it would have burned her eventually and I was afraid that the driver would crash since he kept looking at her. She was so knocked out that she wouldn’t wake up! 

I am happy to also have a shot of Me and Bibek! I know it’s not good to have favorites…so let’s say, he’s ONE of my 31 favorites!

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