15 June, 2010


Not always so peaceful at the peace home…The chickens are disappearing one by one! It all started when someone (I won’t mention names) wanted to start raising chickens for food. Of course they started this shortly before I arrived; much to my displeasure. All was going well until the baby chicks grew up and it was realized that there was one female in the pack of males. This poor female was constantly harassed by the males until Chandra decided to, ahem…”take it under her wing”.

This poor female chicken was in constant fright always running to a human for safety from the horney males! It was so funny to see this grown chicken sitting on any lap that it could find, and once ran to Jaya and tried to hide under her skirt. Chandra cracks up because I now refer to it as her baby. Chandra’s baby cookara (as they are called here). It is hand fed by everyone and I have become very protective of it myself.

This chicken now enjoys a posh life; when it’s not being hunted down by the others. One day as I was working on the computer, it moseyed on in and made itself at home. Another time Chandra sat it down just for a moment and out of nowhere a male chicken attacked it, while I chased that one away, another dive bombed her! The poor thing was shaking when I finally got to it and brought it to the safety of the kitchen where it quickly took its position in the corner near Chandra.

The final straw is that the males are now humping the flip flops! With almost 40 people on the premises there are shoes everywhere and given the fact that shoes are not worn indoors, they are laying around mostly by the kitchen as the kids come and go. Bhola had told me that the male cookara’s are going after the red or pink flip flops. I didn’t really believe that a chicken would look at a shoe with love in its beady little eyes, but I witnessed it last night at dinner.

Just as we sat down a chicken jumped on my shoe and started to try to mate with it! I jumped up and chased it off yelling “Stop humping my shoe” which brought about lots of laughter from the kids. I just looked at my poor innocent flip flop and tried not to think of it differently –it wasn’t the shoe’s fault, I was the one that left it all alone susceptible to live fowl. As I sat down, I mentioned to Bhola that it’s getting worse, since my flip flops are black.

After having the chickens around for about a month, the original decision was to not use them for food…after a conversation concerning how actually a ‘peace home’ isn’t so peaceful if it’s killing their animals. I was overjoyed upon hearing this! But I guess under the new circumstances and gang banging attempts; someone thought otherwise and there was chicken on the menu for lunch today. Ever respectful of those of us who don’t eat things with a face, I was not informed prior to the deed…but at meal time it was quite evident, I just politely looked the other way.

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