21 June, 2010

Cheezy Poofs part II

Well the bag has been broken! It appears the contents of the rather large bag of cheesy poofs contained small bags of even smaller bags of the round orange treats. The kids were each given 3 or 4 smaller bags of treats for snack today. Jaya handed me some bags as I started laughing at the kids as they hungrily tore into theirs.

I then noticed Sunil putting them into his juice…Juice is an understatement as it tastes like really really weak sugarless kool-aid. The kids and adults love the juice which just proves the point that if children are not given ‘crap food and drink’ they will never know what they are missing! I just pray that no volunteer ever says “hey, you know how good this would be with some sugar”…
I will try just about anything (that doesn’t have a face) but there are some things I just know…such as a soggy cheese ball will not be appetizing to my palate.

I grabbed the discarded large empty bag that formerlly encased all the smaller ones and demanded that the kids pick up all the little plastic bags that were carelessly tossed onto the ground (still working on the garbage thing), I heard Jaya yell to them to give their bags to “miss” and to clean up around them. At least I have her on my side! Ruplal mentioned, that “It is hard to stop throwing garbage on the ground since that is what Nepali’s do”. I of course, mentioned that regardless of what country you call home, anyone can stop a destructive action…”Yes, Miss” was the reply as a sly grin came over his face.

I then asked them what the Nepali word for the snacks is. Nishan said “cheese” and I said, “yes, they are a cheese snack, but what is the Nepali word for them?” He looked at me and said, “we call them cheese balls in Nepal”. I cracked up and realized that there isn’t necessarily a language committee ready to rename every ‘western’ introduction into their country. Even the ignorant racist Americans who think English should be forced from the mouths of everyone who steps foot in the US calls a burrito a burrito.

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