05 June, 2010


There are ants here that live in big balls of leaves in the trees. The kids had a slingshot and were aiming for something up high. I ventured over to look and just then saw what they were aiming at. The ants take the leaves and mold/glue them into a ball to make their nest inside. As I looked up at the huge shade tree, I could see many more. I didn’t like the idea of big balls of ants clinging precariously above my head all day long.

All of a sudden the weapon caught its target and masses of ants fell to the ground along with pieces of leaves and its nest. The boys then proceeded to finish it off and finally the nest was nothing more than a few scraggly leaves hanging pitifully from the tree. The ants on the ground were pissed off (to put it lightly) and were running everywhere. These ants are very large and red and bite; similar to the wee wee ants that live in underground nests in Belize.

Everywhere I sat that day, the ants seemed to find me, as if they have a keen sense of revenge. I would stand in one spot and a group of ants would come to me. I would move and in sync they would all turn in my direction. After a couple of time, I was a little spooked and moved to another area altogether as the now homeless ants sought temporary refuge or found someone else to take out their anger on.

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