06 May, 2010

still no school...

Still no school, actually EVERYTHING is completely shut down in Nepal, no shops, no barber, no restaurants (I belive a few hotel are open for tourists) even the guys that are building the fence at CPH are forbidden to come over for work. (no work, no pay; can't imagine how many many familes are surviving). How has this affected me? Well, I now have the kids for 2 hours everyday again. It doesn’t seem like that long, but what in the world can you do with 30 kids ages 3 – 16 with limited supplies in one small room? Well yesterday 5 were asleep and about 4 boys were chasing each other around like maniacs…finally 1:00 came and I could retreat to a sane place.

Well today, with no school in sight in the near future, I had to lay down the law! NO running and if you want to sleep you have to leave the classroom and go to bed. It worked! Today was a good day in the makeshift school. Most of the kids were reading and others were playing games. Actually there is only a couple of games for little kids that have 40 or so square cards with pictures and words on them. The cards have a board game that goes along, but the kids made their own ‘card’ game out of them and took turns playing it for the whole time. (some even stayed after ‘school was finished’. The younger ones love to be read to and the good thing is that they don’t really care about the story as their English isn’t good enough to keep their attention through it, so we just say what is on the page. Sometimes we get into play fights when I say “broom” and they say the Nepali word “kuchcho”. We go back and forth with all the pictures until someone tires for the game.

Some of the older boys asked for my ‘super tough so-far-unbreakable’ camera and retreated to the closet size ‘library’ room with it. I didn’t even want to know what they were doing with it, I was just happy to have them quiet. They emerged 30 minutes later with big smiles on their faces and handed it back to me with the instructions “look”. We then viewed the photo’s and I cracked up because they had taken photo’s of pictures in books. Travel books! So it looked like I had been around the world taking photo’s. They said I could tell my family that I didn’t go to Nepal, but instead took my money and went around the world. It was quite ingenious and the photo’s actually came out really good (except for a couple of them which had a finger or toe in it (or a bit of the wording) They probably know the settings on my camera better than I do now.

Some of the places "I went to today":

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Douglas T Lilley said...

I posted the link to your blog to 2newsgroups I've been part of for quite a while and the feedback has been great, people are saying some very positive things about the blog and the work you're doing-I've even had one potential offer of a small $ contribution so we can talk about that. Keep up the good work and tell the damn communists to mind their own business and let the kids go back to school!