17 May, 2010

somewhere over the rainbow...

I just found out that tomorrow I will be going somewhere (didn't catch the name) with Anil (one of the kids at CPH) and his mother Chandra (my idol).  We will be taking a bus from the school tomorrow (I think) and are going to a place where there is a temple and low and behold, I won’t be allowed in this one either.  It seems that my luck has run out in the temple category and if the statistic holds true that 90% of the temples in Nepal are open to foreigners, I am now experiencing the 10% that are not and am batting 2 for 2.

Actually I was told that I could enter the temple, but I would have to be ‘baptized’ as a Yogi first which I actually wouldn’t mind since the first time I was baptized I was a few weeks old; therefore have no memory of it.  The two occasions would have similarities though, as although this time I am old enought to give my consent, with the language barrier, there would be about the same level of understanding and participation (but this time I wouldn’t fall asleep or pee myself during the ceremony).

I was told that at this place we will be going it will be hot, VERY hot, hotter than Dang, but that I could walk around some river and swim (in my clothes).  I will be staying one night at Chandra’s family’s house where no one (including Chandra) speaks English; Anil does somewhat…The thing at the temple starts at 9pm at night and could go all night; it’s unclear to me where I will be during that time.  I also do not know when I will eat on this journey, not how long it will take us to get to the somewhere place.

I asked Bhola straight up “Will this experience be worth it for me?” and he replied with his usual “yes, you will be able to visit another place.”  I’ve kind of had enough adventure for a while, but what the hell; my patience tank is not yet full! AND when I return, Stefanie Weisen (my English teacher savior) will be in Kathmandu; soon to be making her own journey to Dang!!! WAHOO

Since she’s already on the plane (or at the airport) I will admit that there are many ‘little’ things I neglected to tell her about Nepal (how to use the Nepali toilet for example).  I want her to have her own experience here and a learning curve is all part of the adventure…

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