21 May, 2010

Playing ‘house’…

I’ve watched hundreds of children over the years ‘play house’. Usually little girls, but on occasion the little boy (who’s future as a father/husband looks bright) joined in. In all my many years of observing children ‘make do’ with limited household supplies, today has definitely topped the list in ingenuity and imagination.

I stumbled upon Satyata and Jyoti playing house. I didn’t know what they were playing at first as my Nepali isn’t even up to their level yet and their ‘game pieces’ were unrecognizable; but then I realized their actions could only mean one thing. Their ‘babies’ were an empty water bottle and part of broken bat that the boys broke earlier playing cricket. They were using leaf dishes and Jyoti was flipping a bowl full of little stones the same way I have seen the older girls do with wheat or rice to remove their husks. Satyata then was picking through her imaginary grain removing the stones; which took REALLY good imagination as she was picking choice stones out of her plate full of stones.

Jyoti then jumped up to get her water bottle baby and drapped it over her shoulder –it must have been crying! She also was wearing a long piece of discarded material around her neck (like a scarf). It’s hard to get any good shots of the kids without them knowing since as soon as someone sees a camera they shout “ONE PHOTO MISS!”

Luckily I did get a couple of shots in before the other children saw me. Check out the video if you get a chance it's less than a minute.

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