29 May, 2010

OK, it's not really THAT bad...

I’ve come to terms with teaching English at the school. I’m getting more respect and have actually had the students ‘beg’ me to come into their class. I have to admit that I owe most of my ability to be in the classroom to my parents and family, since sarcasm and sense of humor has pulled me through many an occasion where otherwise I would have 30 pairs of beautiful brown eyes looking at me blankly.

My ‘social butterfly’ days are gone and I am very much at ease and happy being alone, but I must admit that if given the center of attention I can shine (and then crawl back into my shell). I am reminded of my 3rd grade school program when my neighbor Rick (who was always joking around with me and my siblings) was there with his wife to watch his son who was in my class. While sitting in the audience, Rick made a funny face at me while I was on the stage singing my little heart out with the rest of the class. I spotted him and right in the front of the gymnasium on the stage facing the entire town I stuck my tongue out at him. He then proceeded to egg me on and I responded as if we were the only ones in the room. I don’t remember how it stopped, either I was reprimanded by a teacher or one of my parents realized who the culprit was, but I have this ability to forget where I am and become immersed in the situation at hand.
It happens with me and children like that; I can immerse myself into‘make believe’ for hours and recently even got into ‘princess mode’ while in DC (luckily no photo’s to prove that one –but it was do or die in the very pink and very wonderful Cannovalicious household!) Likewise, when I am in front of the class, I forget ‘what I look like’ as I use every facial expression and hand gesture to get my point across.

I don’t teach from a book since I don’t have a certain class every day at the same time. I am becoming the “English game queen” and have been able to transfer the book “Five Minute English Games” which I found into “Forty-five Minute English Games.”

I have made peace with my teaching responsibility. I don’t admit to love it, but I like it – I’m beginning to enjoy the older students and dare I say, they enjoy me too!?

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