06 May, 2010

Not in Kansas anymore...

Last night about 3AM there was a big storm. It started with huge wind gusts and I awoke as things were blowing all around my small room. I managed to shut my windows (after a couple of trys) and then my door blew open (the lock isn’t really strong). Luckily I had brought up a brick into my room to prop my door open in the wind. This time it worked the opposite way, to keep it closed! Before closing the door, I rushed out onto the patio area to catch the stuff that was blowing around out there (a bucket, my bag of clothespins and a spoon and metal plate (left over from my snack that afternoon. I closed the bathroom door so it wouldn’t bang about and then headed back to my room. I could hear yells from downstairs as some of the kids were securing anything that wasn’t bolted down.

The rains came next and it was such a glorious sound (even with the thunder and wind). Yesterday the kids had planted a field of turmeric (they use it daily as a spice) in the dry ground, so the rain was perfect for them. The rain and wind also ‘cleaned’ up everything as it had been so dry for awhile and dust was everywhere. When I jumped back into bed I was so cold; a feeling I have not had since I was at my mom’s house (where I freeze trying to keep up with her hot blooded body!)

I finally fell asleep about an hour later and when I got up I had to put on 2 long-sleeved shirts. The cold didn’t last long and by 8am, I was stripping them off and putting on a cooler shirt. When I went down to get my morning tea, I saw Bhola and he asked how I slept. I said “wow, that wind was strong. It felt like a tornado”, and then I was about to tell him how last night I wanted to holler “Auntie Em, Auntie Em!” and then stopped short when I realized that he would have no idea who in the hell Auntie Em is and probably didn’t know the English word ‘tornado’. Sigh, it is times like these when it hits me where I am.

Not in a bad way, but in a “yep, I’m not in Kansas anymore” way.

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