03 May, 2010

New Additions!

We have some new additions to the Children’s Peace Home. One is a little boy named Bibek. He is about 7 or 8 yrs. old. I don’t know the story of his background yet, but he came with just the clothes on his back. He has a great smile and seems to have adapted pretty easily even though he’s only been here 3 days.. The next additions are a mother, Motika and daughter. As soooooo many times before, the story goes… Her husband ran off with another women leaving her behind with a small daughter, Anjali (around 4ish). Probably more than ½ the children here at CPH are a result of the inequality of males and females. There is inequality of the sexes everywhere, but in Nepal, it’s not just a matter of unequal pay or work discrimination, here it is also a matter of social status and poverty. After Mokita’s husband left, she was unable to care for her daughter on her own (she has a 1st grade education and no way to earn money) and she went back to her father’s house with Anjali. The father cannot afford them for long and he talked to Bhola about having Anjali live here at CPH in order for her to have enough food and receive an education.

Bhola said that as long as Motika does not have anywhere to go either, she could come to CPH as well and help Chandri out in the kitchen as well as help with the children. They came last night and Angelina was very shy and withdrawn; no doubt because of the disruptions in her life. Today she is a different child, running and playing all day with the other kids. Her mother is very thin but won’t be for long if she’s eating here! I am happy for the chance both of them have here if she stays…it will not be a surprise if she ends up marrying someone and leaving Anjali here. With a first grade education there isn’t much choice in her future other than shacking up with yet another husband and the cycle continues. Hopefully she will see how nice it is here and decide to stay.

Another good outcome of Montika and Anjali coming is that the chickens currently sleep/roost in the littlest girls room which is totally filthy with chicken poop. I talked to Bhola yesterday about the health issues surrounding the situation and he is aware, but they are outgrowing the dorms so the chicken’s room now has beds in it. We also talked about the needs of the home and what he envisions for the future. He said he wants to build a separate area for the chickens, but there are many other needs that are taking their precious money. When Montika ‘s father brought his daughter and granddaughter here, Bhola said that he could double up the girls and she and her daughter could have the room they are in now…the chicken room. The man said he would send someone over soon to build a new room for the chickens so they could have a nice clean room to themselves! Hopefully this will happen soon; as they just got 4 new chicks!

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Douglas T Lilley said...

I'm thinking we're just going to have to figure out a way to keep you in Nepal. Are the local bureaucrats open to bribery?