25 May, 2010

Mango Pickle

It’s mango pickle making day!  The unripe mangos are being picked by the bucketful and made into what they call ‘pickle’ which isn’t a ‘pickle’ in the sense of a pickled cucumber, their ‘pickle’ is somewhat like a chutney; spicy and bitter (or sweet) at the same time. Almost every meal we have a little ‘pickle’ made from various fruits or vegetables. I love it; but then again, have yet to find any food that I don’t like here.

Well today the unripe/bitter mango’s were de-pitted and then cut up (skin and all) into small pieces and was a female family affair.  Since I couldn’t help, I decided to document the momentous occasion. 

The first step was to dry mustard seed and then grind them up (to be used as one of the seasonings). 

Then the cutting started and all the pieces were dumped into a large metal bowl.

Next came the seasonings:  Mustard seed



Chili pepper

And oil.

Nima had the honor of mixing it all together (and mixing and mixing) then filling a jar then smashing it down!  Filling. Smashing. Repeat until I think 6 jars were filled. 

The pickle only has to sit for about 5 days and then it will be ready to devour along with a wonderful Nepalese meal.-as Ritu and Shrijana are so proudly displaying.


Kris said...

This is so interesting Mindy. Wish I could taste it. =)

Douglas T Lilley said...

So glad you're in Nepal and getting it done. Lemme know when you get around these parts again.

MKL said...

I will try to make it when I'm in KS...but I am sure it will not taste the same!!

Doug, I'll be in DC the end of June before heading to KS!