26 May, 2010

If you give a boy a camera

I love the children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”.  It’s a great cause/effect story.  The title of this post emulates the short story of what happens when ‘You Give a Nepali Boy Named Kishan a Camera". 

On this beautiful cloudy (NOT hot…yet) morning I grabbed my camera to take a couple of shots of the neighbor kids who always find their way to CPH when they are not tending their animals or working.  After the photo shoot (another blog post forthcoming) I helped Soraj edit his ‘background story’ which we are preparing in send to WatOpot Children’s Community in Cambodia –thus starting an amazing vulnerable children’s connection in different countries (yet another blog post forthcoming with more info…).

ANYWAY, Kishan motioned that he wanted to use my camera and I jumped at the request.  I have TONS of photo’s of the girls and hardly any of the boys.  The boys are either working or playing in the fields (while the girls work/play closer to the house).  The older boys are also camera shy.  I gave him my camera.  Did I mention that it’s a waterproof, shockproof, super-tough and after today a teenage-Nepali-boy-proof Olympus Stylus Tough-8000?

I gave him instructions to TAKE PHOTOS OF THE BOYS! because I had very few, if any, of them.  With a grin on his face, he and some of the boys took off.  About an hour later, I found them playing cricket and asked if they were finished with it, and Sunil replied that no, they were still taking photo’s.  After showing Sunil the 'sport' button on my camera, I gleefully skipped off leaving my it in their hands.  I couldn't help getting excited over all the photo's I would get to look at! They finally handed over the camera and I rushed to my computer to check out what they had captured on film.

After the download only took about 5 seconds, I realized that the Cause:  You give a boy a camera, has the Outcome of : He will take a whopping 18 photo’s…sigh…I was really hoping for many more, because if you give a GIRL a camera you come back with a full memory card!  Well, I’ll try again and will be more specific about actually 'using' it, but in the meantime here are a few glorious shots of the boys.

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