28 May, 2010

Food storage:

I was curious about the ‘mystery room’ that is always locked tight, but I see the children going in empty handed and coming out with buckets full of food so I knew it was some kind of a pantry. I finally caught a glimpse inside and the vast amount of food they need to feed to everyone each week. The onions and bags of rice are from their garden last year as is most of the other food too. There are bags and bags of dried cauliflower which they re-hydrate and make into a curry (do I even need to mention that I love it?)

Alas I do believe that my camera is a child magnet because as soon as I snapped a couple photo’s Srijana and Ritu appeared out of nowhere and of course had to ‘Price is Right” the photo’s.

Here’s Srijana showing off the lovely potatoes handpicked from their garden.

And here are the jars of something that I couldn’t understand.

Oh and no pantry shot wouldn’t be complete without a tomato, handful of rice and large squash thing.

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