15 May, 2010

Fight me for it!

While being enlightened at the Surgadar Temple, little miss Satyata, the youngest resident at the peace home was stirring up trouble on the home front.  I was told that she and Jyoti were arguing over a coin. Satyata challenged Jyoti to a fight saying that whoever wins gets the coin.  I guess they really went at it and Satyata ended up with a scrape under her eye before anyone stopped them.  When Bhola was informed of the fight he went to Satyata and asked her if she would like to fight him for the coin, which she promptly replied “Yes!”  He was a bit surprised at her enthusiasm and he realized that he had to ‘finish what he started’.  He said they pushed a little bit and when he realized she was dead serious in ‘beating’ him, he had her little arm in a twist position.  He said he was in disbelief because if he would have twisted her arm more, he could have really hurt her; but yet she wouldn’t back down.  He then pushed her down (not as bad as it sounds) and she started to cry.  She was crying not because she was hurt, but because she had lost the fight.

When she picked herself up, she told him that she wanted to fight him for it again later.  He towered over her and said “do you want a real fight in an area like a fighting ring?” which she replied “yes!”  He turned down her 2nd challenge and set to explaining that money is not worth getting hurt over.  Later when he told Chandra (Satyata’s grandmother) the whole event, they both had a big laugh and then set about trying to figure out how to harness her energy and strong will and channel it into her studies/education (even though she is only in Nursery School).   She is one tough little stinker.

I told him that in the US some parents give their kids money when they make good grades.  He said that's an idea, but with 30 children here; not really financially possible.

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