06 May, 2010

The 3 stooges!

Anjali, the little girl that came with her mother has had a couple of rough days. The poor thing, I could hear her howling off and on throughout the day. I can’t even imagine what is going through her little head. She plays really well with the kids, but since she was an only child, she probably didn’t have much discipline or rules. During Satsang (prayer) the other night, she was sitting in the front with all the other little kids (row by row according to age) and she all of a sudden stood up to walk away. Bhola (who sits in the very front facing the kids) said in a normal voice, Anjali, sit back down. She looked at him and started to bawl. Bhola quickly said “your mom is there” (and pointed to the back) and she just continued to sob. Quickly he told Montika to get her and sit with her. He felt so bad!

Yesterday she came up to my room on the top floor. I had my door open to let in a nice breeze and was just working on the computer (creating a file for each child) and she came right in. The other kids have been here long enough and know that the top floor is kind of off-limits as that is where the volunteers sleep. They come up and knock on my door to give me food or tea or ask me something, but don’t just wander up without a purpose. Anjali just walked right in and grinned at me and said “Miss”. I said “Anjali” and she cracked up. We played the name game for a bit and then she ventured closer. All of a sudden she started talking Nepali to me like crazy. I just looked at her and said the only Nepali words that came to mind “mira” and “tapaiko” (mine and yours) and pointed to my shoes and then her shoes. She looked at me with a blank stare so I repeated it. She then totally cracked up as if that was the stupidest thing I could have said and then walked out the door. She walked across the patio and down the stairs still laughing.
It wasn’t too long before she brought up Satyata (3) and Jyoti (4) presumably so they could all watch me try to talk. Satyata and Jyoti know me by now, but they still talk to me really slowly in Nepali as if I will understand. I usually just repeat what they say and then they laugh. (Who knows what they are having me repeat!) They looked around my room and then at me for about a minute as if they were tourists taking in the sights. I mistakenly let them stay in my room for a bit and my mistake was confirmed when they came back about 4 more times in an hour bringing more kids each time.

Today when Anjali wandered up I heard her and closed my door and locked it. I watched her from the window and she just kind of pushed on the door a bit and then said “Miss”. I didn’t answer and she went back down only to come up with her partners in crime. And I didn’t open for them either.

When I went down for tea, Jyoti said something to me and then again in her slow ‘can’t you speak Nepali’ tone. I asked Nishan to translate and he said she was asking me “where do you go when you are not in your room?” I motioned with my arms and said “I walk around”. After I finished my tea, she promptly took my hand and we walked the perimeter of CPH and then into the dry paddy fields. I said “where are we going” and she said “something something village”. I said “Village?” and she said “yes”. Knowing that the village was far and I had no way of knowing how to get there AND would not go with a 4 year old in tow, I said the only thing that I have found which releases me from their grasp. “I have to go to the toilet”. With that said, we walked back to the house and I was free to go upstairs by myself.

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