17 April, 2010

Throwing my weight around.

Today when the kids and I met up for ‘class’ one of the boys in Class 3, Jaron, was sitting at the table across from me. I had my elbow on the table with my hand in the air. He got a glint in his eye and put his arm the same way and kind of nodded his head. I thought, sure I’ll arm wrestle this little shit. I gently won twice and then Gyani, (who’s in class 9, I think) said “Miss” grinning widely as he moved my way. I thought “OK, it’s do or die here” as the table was suddenly surrounded by little boys. Gyani and I locked hands and I knew that I had to win if I ever wanted these boys to listen to me in class again. We kind of teetered in the middle and then I put my left hand under the table for leverage (without them realizing) and slowly brought the back of his hand to the table. Gyani smiled and went back to his seat and I said “anyone else up for a challenge?” With no takers, I resorted to the nursery carpet to read “The Carrot Seed” while basking in my glory.

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