09 April, 2010

Sufi and Yogic Traditions Seminar

Since my trip to Dang was on hold due to 'strikes' in the Terai District, I was able to attend a conference that Dr. Yogi was invited to that was put on by the Global Peace Initative of Women (GPIW) http://www.gpiw.org It was about:

An Ancient Connection
Sufism is the mystical tradition within Islam. Yoga is the mystical tradition within Hinduism. Both have as their goal union with the Divine, or realization of the ultimate reality. In the west, the word “Yoga” is often used to refer to physical asanas but the meaning of the word is union. For millennia, Yogis have lived in seclusion practicing advanced techniques of meditation with the goal of realizing union with the Divine source of all. Similarly, Sufi saints have developed spiritual techniques to awaken awareness of union with the ultimate Beloved.
It was quite amazing to experience the different "religions" that were represented and I could really feel the power in the room~

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