28 April, 2010

The Rooster is Dead!

I went down to have tea one morning and as I sat sipping the warm goodness, I looked over and saw one of the two roosters at CPH laying flat out on the step. I said to one of the kid “Is that rooster dead?” and the reply was “yes, the rooster is dead”. It seems that something had killed it in the night. Nishan picked it up and while holding it like a baby, he was inspecting it to see how it died. No conclusion was made as to its death, but some of the kids decided to bury it. This was kind of cool, considering they could have easily thrown it into the nearest ditch or field to either decompose or be eaten by another animal.

Arati gently holding the dead thing while Nisan gets to work on the hole.

Patiently waiting…

Nisan hit rock, so we moved to another area. The ground was really hard –it hasn’t rained in months, so the hole was difficult to dig. He kept at it until finally we laid him to rest.

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