16 April, 2010

More of CPH

Here is the children’s home (where they sleep) Girls rooms are on the left, boys on the right with the kitchen/eating area in the middle.
The kids hanging out by the Ping Pong table (cement table with bricks for a net) with the cow, which I have named “Bessie” in the foreground. Bessie didn’t have a name and I received blank stares when I asked the kids what her name was. Saroj said with a laugh “The cow doesn’t have a name”, then after a pause, “you should name it.” Which I promptly did.

I asked what the black dog’s name was another time and 4 year old Jyoti said coo coo. I said “Coo Coo?” and she said “yes, coo coo”. I don’t know whether to believe her or not, as she is only 4 and all…. I walked past the dog later and kind of looked around and then said “Coo Coo”. The dog didn’t move, so I’m not entirely convinced that I was given the correct information; but then again, maybe the dog didn’t recognize its name with my accent…

Saytata washing up before dinner. I’ve got to get a shot of her washing her dishes. It reminds me of when I went to Girl Scout Camp when I was young. I remember having to bring eating utencils (plate, cup, bowl, silverware) and after each meal we had to wash them ourselves and them put them away for our next meal. (Funny how not much more of that camp comes to mind, but I distinctly remember that part). The kids here each have their own plates, bowls and cups which they are responsible for and wash after every meal, even the little ones. I always stare at Saytata washing her dishes and thinking of how different her life is from the 3 year olds I know. Not better or worse, just different.

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