10 April, 2010

Kids at CPH

The children are either true orphans (as in no parents) or their parent(s) are too poor to care for them. Some of them have extended family, but they are too poor to send them to school. The children vary in age from 3 to 18. The school system here is from Nursery (age 3) to class 10 (age 16). Class 11 and 12 are considered ‘university’ which is the equivalent of an associate’s degree. After that, they can continue on to a bachelor’s degree and beyond. Without CPH, the children would never have had the opportunity to acquire a higher education, much less go to school at all. Illiteracy is high in rural areas and many adults (mostly women) have never had the opportunity to go school.

Here are some of the kids:

Nursery School:

Class 3:

Class 5:

Class 7:

Class 11: Technically the school only goes up to class 10 (the US equivalent to high school), but in Saroj's case, he does not have any family, so he is still at CPH and is going to Class 11 (Class 11 and 12 are like an associates degree and then he will go on to university)

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Douglas T Lilley said...

Good to know why the kids are there. This seems like such a perfect palce for you, it's a shame it could be done so soon. Of course it goes without saying there are many other perfect places, but still...