18 April, 2010


Jyoti and Saytata love to play “sad and Happy” with me and my camera.



Awwww…Jyoti and Saytata are sad…

Now they are HAPPY ,YEA!!!

We do this over and over and over and over…….

Jyoti and Saytata are the youngest of the bunch and every day at prayers (before dinner) they usually fall asleep. I crack up at them as they slowly fall asleep while sitting up and their bodies jerk back and forth before finally either Ama crawls over to them and lays them down or a child behind them does so. They never lay down themselves, but try so hard to stay awake.

When I mention prayers, I don’t mean in the religious sense. They use the English word prayer because there isn’t really another word that signifies what they do. The children start the session by singing or chanting. And then Bhola joins in along with Ama, Jaya and any other adult that may e visiting. A few evenings ago Bhola started to explain the meanings to the songs/chants and I was very impressed. What I thought were “prayers” were instead stories. Wonderful stories about living peaceful and to find out what is in your heart, to control un-necessary wants/needs and desires. To give to those who do not have even if you yourself have little. Basically to ‘live’ their ‘religion’ (a form of Hinduism). One of the stories says roughly “Dear God, I don’t know who you are, what your form is. Are you the sun? are you an animal? Are you a human? It doesn’t matter what form you take. To Christians you are Jesus, to Muslims you are Allah, to Buddhists you are Buddha, etc…God can be found within each of us, you only have to look.” (or something along those lines)…

I feel a new sense of pleasure during ‘prayer time’


Douglas T Lilley said...

I look at that and I see a swimming pool, maybe it can be a combo log soaking place/fish pond/pool. The pix just get better and better, the "happy/sad" ones are priceless.
I'm sending you an email about some stuff we can potentially do for the Peace House-keep up the good work!

mkl said...

I found out that is indeed for soaking the "logs", but the logs are actually made out of cement and after they are dry, they are soaked to make them stronger. After the fence is built then I told Bhola to make it into a swimming pool! great minds think alike huh Doug? :-)

Can't wait for the email! XO