22 April, 2010

Going to Pokhara

After Tansen we once again boarded the bus to Pokhara. I was ready by that time to ditch the group and have some much needed “ALONE time” but I persevered knowing that the end was near and I would hopefully get a room of my own at the hotel. Once arriving in Pokhara everyone unloaded at the hotel. Since my participation was an afterthought, a room for me wasn’t secured. After 2 hours of being told that “yes you will have a room at this hotel”, “No, Melinda they are full”, “you can have this room”, “wait, we have another room for you” on and on, I finally asked for a room just to shower and get cleaned up in. I was told I could use this one single room for the night since its occupant would not be arriving until the next day. By that time I was totally spent and just wanted to be clean and alone so I proceeded up to the room. I showered and no sooner did I finished when there was a knock at my door and was told that dinner was ready. With a heavy sigh, I retreated to the dining room with the group. I was back at my room later that evening and fell into bed; mentally and physically exhausted!

Some views from the bus on the way to Pokhara:

And sights from the top of the hotel.

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