19 April, 2010

Ghorahi Town & Ice Cream!

There is a group from Brazil coming to Ghorahi (the closest town to CPH -7 km away) for a 2 day visit while they are on their way to Pokhara for a Yoga conference. I went with Bhola into the town to make sure everything was set for their arrival (hotel, temple, etc.) Bhola left earlier on his motorbike, so I walked to the main road with some of the kids and Chandri. We got to the road and waited and waited for a bus, or anything resembling a bus to take us into town. Finally one arrived and Gyani and Joraj grabbed me and said “Miss” and pointed up. I realized that they wanted me to ride on the top of the bus (which is where the ‘overflow’ sits). This bus wasn’t full and I was aware that it’s not ‘normal’ for women to ride on the top, but since I am a ‘foreigner’ I can get away with doing non-traditional things; plus everyone stares at me anyway, so I was just giving them a better view AND I have been wanting to ride up there since I first got here!!! We climbed on top and settled in for the short ride. Once in Ghorahi, Chandri and Amrita set off to go shopping for food (as the Brazilians were coming here one night for dinner) and the boys took me to their school HVP-Dang, which Bhola runs. I met many of the teachers and just kind of sat there while they went about their business getting the school ready for the next class of kids. The kids will advance to their next classes next week. Bhola showed up and I jumped on the bike with him. He had to do some recording thing, so we sat in this sauna-like room (the electricity was off, so no air-conditioning –an extremely rare treat which I have yet to enjoy here). After that we zoomed about from one place to another.

Bhola is the oldest son in the family (5 boys and 5 girls) and culturally he is the ‘responsible’ one since his father is not longer living. With such a large family and huge extended family he always has a dozen things to do. We stopped by the hotel, the temple, by some relative so he could pay his respects for someone who died, we went to a couple other relatives and then to his cousin’s house. His cousin and wife have 3 little kids one was 2.5 and twins that are 1. I kept cracking up at them as they jumped and jumped on the bed, on the floor and on each other. I tried to get a photo of the 3 of them, but couldn’t get them to sit still long enough. I wanted to get a family shot, but that would have been impossible.

We finally met up with the others in town for ice cream, although it wasn’t like any ice cream I have ever tasted. I don’t even have anything to compare it to. It wasn’t great, but it was cold!

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