18 April, 2010

Cement Pond?

One days a bunch of guys started digging a hole; a big hole! They a couple days later they started to cement in the sides. I asked Bhola what they were doing and he said something about having to soak the logs that will be used to build a portion of a much needed fence. (to fence in the entire perimeter will take more money which they do not have at the moment.) The pole soaking does not make much sense to me, but I have learned to just be patient and watch and wait and see what happens. (one of the kids told me it was going to be a fish pond?).

A couple of the boys helped although the pans of cement were at times heavier than they could lift. They kept at it making the process go much quicker as before one man was making the cement, one was carrying the load and the 3rd was spreading it around.

Kahkyd’s (I know I spelled his name wrong, but I dont' feel like going up 2 flights of stairs to my room to look it up, although I do need to go the bathroom and that is next to my room....sigh, I'll just wiggle in my seat a bit longer)...where was I, Oh yeah, talking about the K kid, well the left side of his body doesn’t function as well as his right side so he walks with a limp and his left hand is kind of useless. His moral support was stronger than his physical and day after day he would spend his time watching the men and talking to them. He would also keep the little kids at bay when they would wander over..
Dhiran and Nisan (brothers) took a rest to watch the men smooth the bottom after all their hard work.

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