09 April, 2010

Camp 2010

I joined CM at the opening ceremonies of a kid’s camp. The camp was supported by the Shanti Sewa Ashram and the Youth Society for Peace, both of which CM is involved in. The children attending the week-long camp are orphans (which may mean they do not have parents or that their parent(s) cannot physically, mentally and/or financially take care of them). After welcoming us, CM addressed the children and they sang songs, chanted and finally raced off to play games.

We then toured the facilities and were shown where the children would be staying, the gardens, kitchen and a building in the back that is used for candy making. The Orphanage gets some
financial support by making the candy and selling it to a café in Kathmandu. They have plans to sell their wares in more cafes as well.
When I arrived in the building a man was hard at work sprinkling the ‘sweets’ with nuts, one third pistachio, one third almonds and who knows what the last third would be but it looked super yummy! They didn’t offer a taste so I didn’t ask…

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