20 April, 2010


We left Ghorahi around 2:30 and after a 5 hour bus ride, stopped in Butwal for the night. The Brazilians got settled in their hotel and Bhola and I headed to his niece’s house (did I mention he has a huge family?! and practically a member in every town). We were staying with his niece and her family for the night so we didn’t have to pay for a hotel. We took a 3 wheeled card pedeled which is pedaled by a guy and seems to be the main mode of transportation here. He took up to the house this evening and then another picked us up the next day. I can’t imagine how hard these guys work, since the roads are very rough and bumpy and on this particular trip he had to pedal 2 adults plus about 50 lbs. of luggage, all for a mere 25 rupees (about 40 cents)

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