19 April, 2010

The Brazilians!

I helped out while the Brazilians were in town and found out that I was invited to go to the conference with them in Pokhara! Pokhara is
deemed the most beautiful town in Nepal, very green with Nepal’s 2nd largest lake, Phewa Tal and beautiful views of the Annapurna mountain range (in the winter). While they were in Ghorahi, they had yoga at the temple in the morning. Then a seminar on the significance of the temple then a tour.
We had lunch there and in typical Nepalese style -dhal bhat with a vegetable with roti. The temple didn’t have spoons, so it was a sight to watch them try to eat the food while sitting on the floor…needless to say, there was a ton of food not eaten although mine and Bhola’s plates were clean. I had heard that the monk’s food at the temple was delicious and they didn’t disappoint!

After we left the guests at their hotel, Bhola and I headed back to CPH to get ready for them. The kids proudly hung up the welcome sign and were hanging all over me, BUT once the Brazilians arrived, Melinda was forgotten as the kids rushed to give the visitors flowers and their attention. Everyone gathered together for Satsang (prayer) and then for dinner (with spoons).

When they were leaving, I found out that I would be gone for 6 days in Pokhara…and that we would leave the next day. I turned down yoga at the temple the next morning since I didn’t really have any clean clothes to take with me. Luckily it’s windy and hot here, so the wet clothes only take about 30 minutes to dry on the line. OH and I will get to make the 10 hour journey to Pokhara in an AIR CONDITIONED tour bus!! YEA for the BRAZILIANS!!

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