01 April, 2010

Ahhh....Nepal at last!

Arrived in India, a bit overwhelmed by the chaos in the Delhi Airport. After the 8 hour layover I was a giddy walking zombie and when no one came to get me to board my flight (like I was informed); I took matters into my own hands and found someone to find/give me my boarding pass (15 minutes before the plane was to leave). When I got to security, I didn’t have a Jet Airways tag for both of my bags (I only had taken one because I mis-interpreted the advice “take a tag and put it on your bag”. What it should have said in my opinion is “take a tag for each of your bags”).

I was not allowed to go to the security area without out another tag. I rushed up to the first uniformed guy and told him my dilemma. He said “where is your group?” and I said “what?” Again, “has your group already gone?” and I said “I am alone” and then more specifically “I am traveling solo”. He then called someone and Bam! a guy promptly showed up carrying about 100 tags; reinforcing my idea that I wasn’t the only one to have misunderstood the procedure. During the bag scan, something “didn’t look right” in my backpack, so after 2 intense scans and physical inspections; I was allowed to proceed even though they never found the “problem”. I was then whisked (escorted) to the gate -after the perplexed look on my face when I said “Where’s gate 2”. My comprehension of Indian English is not yet fine tuned.

I arrived at the gate, then jumped on the Jet Airways bus going to the plane. On the bus was a handful of tourist all complaining/explaining their Delhi airport experience. I was just plain ecstatic to have gotten that far so all I could do is smile and sit back. After sitting on the runway in India for what seemed forever (something about fog in Nepal) I arrived in Kathmandu safe and sound and waiting for me at the airport was a teacher and 2 students and along with their BIG smiles were a handful of flowers for me. The flowers were a bit wilted as they told me they had been waiting since 8:30 that morning for me!

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