14 March, 2009

unconditional love

I love coming home to Mickey. He is awesome. When I unlock all the doors to get into my "lock down" house he is waiting for me. I'm sure he runs down the stairs at the first click of the gate. He loves to be in my room and sleeps with me at night. He's not a cuddler like Circe (my former love), but more of a "protector" and he LOVES anything I have recently worn (my coat is an immediate "run to").

I just spent 3 weeks on and off at my boss' place. When I would come "home" Mickey would MEOW to me so much; telling me of his disappointment of my absence. Tonight I returned and he ran into my arms! so much unconditional love! Although I had been gone for a week, there was not remorse, only joy at my arrival. People could learn a lot from animals...

Mattie (upon my visit in KS) "told" me how happy she was to see me, but instead of "you should have never left me" she displayed only "LOOK what I have now!". She ran all over my sis' property showing me what she has now. Tongue wagging, she watched me leave and although my heart rang out to her, she watched me drive away with a knowing contentment. that is what am searching for..."A knowing contentment"...

Is my association with animals an attempt to be as instinctually happy as them..."them" being animals that are loved and not doomed to be a product of the human food chain.

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