14 March, 2009


I've often thought that I would like to earn my PhD. but stopped short because "I wasnt' passionate about something enough to write a dissertation"....what is my passion now?

Now that I have realized that I cannot live "a culturally normal life", I wanted to find the "it" that drives me crazy. I belive the "It" contines to be food! I get so pissed off on so many levels about the current eating lifestyle. The waste, the ill health, the poison we eat everytime we put a process food product in our mouth. Why? So someone else can get wealthy off of it? Because people don't care that they are slowing killing themselves, not when there is a readily available drug to counter-attack the problem:

High Blood Pressure, no problem, don't cut out the salt, take a pill for the rest of your life.
High Cholesterol, don't cut back on animal products, take a pill for the rest of your lift.
Diabetes...a pill, hell, we have the "cure" in liquid form you can just shoot up everyday and you don't have to alter your damaging lifestyle!
Overweight/Obesity...we have pills for that too..a whole aisle in most supermarkets, so take your pick. Obviously they work; that's why there are so many???
Heart/Cardiovascular Disease, the mother of them all! if one of the above doesn't kill you all of them combined surely can. - to heighted your chances, smoke and drink regularly. With modern medice you too, can be kept alive without giving up a thing!


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