27 August, 2008

The house hunt is over

I have found the perfect place and it's not with "mr. potential landlord". I was too perfect for that place, so perfect in fact that I believe I would have been Queen of the youngsters in the house...actually I would have ended up being more like a Cinderella-ish Evil Step-housemate.
No, as in other aspects of my life, I didn't take what could have been mine. Instead of trying to control situations, I waited...waited for something to fall in my lap and like so many times before it happened gloriously.
I was indecisive about where I should be...of course it would have been great in the Takoma neighborhood, but who would I really be benefiting by surrounding myself with like-minded people. Would we sit around and nod as we gripe of inequalities in the world, probably. Would we sit around and watch political programs together and cheer, probably. Would I grow as a person and perhaps give someone a different point of view, probably not.
I will be living with a young couple and a older gentleman. I don't know their political opinions. I don't know much at all except that when I met my future landlord, we hit it off and felt really comfortable sitting together. That was all that was important at that point. The comfort and energy surrounding us.
My new room is a part of a house that has a full modern kitchen, clothesline out back, and 2 fat cats. My room has an attached bathroom and a door leading to the patio. I move in on Sept. 7th.
Until I do so, I am staying at my boss' apt only a few blocks from work. Very beautiful place and convenient as well. Life is good.

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