26 August, 2008


I came across some words that I had scribbled down in my notebook while on my recent flight to DC. Basically it went something like this:

I hate the aspect of getting from one place to another via an aircraft. As I took my aisle seat I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to sit one empty seat away of a studious young man well engrossed in his medical book. I awaited the string of others who would go by...the stale smoke smelling chain smoker, the pocked face 20 something who smelled of fast food, the oxymoron peasant dress/oversized Gucci bag wearing lady. I glanced at the empty seat next to me and silently willed it to stay that way.

Earphones in place, book in lap, eyes closed I head my breath.

“Oh please please no one come to me.”

“Why can’t I ignore the mixture of greasy food combined with day old smoke and who knows what else which is whaffing around me.”

“Dear God, why was I born with an overly acute sense of smell?”

As I lift my sweatshirt over my nose, I pretend that I am somewhere else…that I am already there. I’m a different person – can I adjust…but, do I even want to…Like a convict, I will do my time until I can once again be let free…..

I open my eyes, we are moving down the run way….my space is secure.

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