27 August, 2008

The house hunt is over

I have found the perfect place and it's not with "mr. potential landlord". I was too perfect for that place, so perfect in fact that I believe I would have been Queen of the youngsters in the house...actually I would have ended up being more like a Cinderella-ish Evil Step-housemate.
No, as in other aspects of my life, I didn't take what could have been mine. Instead of trying to control situations, I waited...waited for something to fall in my lap and like so many times before it happened gloriously.
I was indecisive about where I should be...of course it would have been great in the Takoma neighborhood, but who would I really be benefiting by surrounding myself with like-minded people. Would we sit around and nod as we gripe of inequalities in the world, probably. Would we sit around and watch political programs together and cheer, probably. Would I grow as a person and perhaps give someone a different point of view, probably not.
I will be living with a young couple and a older gentleman. I don't know their political opinions. I don't know much at all except that when I met my future landlord, we hit it off and felt really comfortable sitting together. That was all that was important at that point. The comfort and energy surrounding us.
My new room is a part of a house that has a full modern kitchen, clothesline out back, and 2 fat cats. My room has an attached bathroom and a door leading to the patio. I move in on Sept. 7th.
Until I do so, I am staying at my boss' apt only a few blocks from work. Very beautiful place and convenient as well. Life is good.

26 August, 2008

More airplane notes:

We landed and like robots kept our seat belts on until the plane was secure at the gate. Then there was a surprise in store for the paying patrons sitting so anxiously and obediently. The sickly sweet voice of the flight attendant came over the intercom asking “us”, the people who paid to be on this flight if we would do “them”, the paid employees, a favor and close the shades and open the air vents around your seating area.

As my mouth dropped open, I thought…would an expensive restaurant ask you to please bring your dishes to the kitchen as a “favor to their waitstaff?" Would a pet boarding facility ask you to remove your dog’s poo from her kennel as a “favor to their paid workers?" Why is it okay to ask paying patrons to give when the airlines continue to cut back. Give me 20 bucks off my next ticket and I’ll be more than happy to make sure my shades are drawn and my vents are open as I gather my things to depart. I’ll even make sure I wipe the sink basin as a courtesy to the other passengers. I will gladly help, but please in return, may I ask a few things in return…Just a few things from one paying customer to a paid employee.

1. Don’t come to work wearing the smoke smelling uniform you partied in last night after your last flight.

2. Use 20 oz. less perfume…or better yet NONE! before you get on the plane.

3. If I have my travel coffee cup in front of me, ear phones in and my book covering my tray table – DO NOT nudge me and ask if I would like anything to drink or a bag containing a maximum of 6 peanuts. I saw you! We made eye contact…if I wanted something I would have smiled sweetly and asked you!

4. and do not under any circumstances ask me if I would like to purchase a duty free item or remind me that the in-flight-catalog can be found in the seat pocket in front of me.

I think that’s all for now…until my next flight…


I came across some words that I had scribbled down in my notebook while on my recent flight to DC. Basically it went something like this:

I hate the aspect of getting from one place to another via an aircraft. As I took my aisle seat I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to sit one empty seat away of a studious young man well engrossed in his medical book. I awaited the string of others who would go by...the stale smoke smelling chain smoker, the pocked face 20 something who smelled of fast food, the oxymoron peasant dress/oversized Gucci bag wearing lady. I glanced at the empty seat next to me and silently willed it to stay that way.

Earphones in place, book in lap, eyes closed I head my breath.

“Oh please please no one come to me.”

“Why can’t I ignore the mixture of greasy food combined with day old smoke and who knows what else which is whaffing around me.”

“Dear God, why was I born with an overly acute sense of smell?”

As I lift my sweatshirt over my nose, I pretend that I am somewhere else…that I am already there. I’m a different person – can I adjust…but, do I even want to…Like a convict, I will do my time until I can once again be let free…..

I open my eyes, we are moving down the run way….my space is secure.

17 August, 2008

Washington, DC

Long story short...I am now living and working in Washington, DC.

Well technically that isn't exactly true. I am WORKING here, but at the moment living in GlenDale or silver glen, or springing glenities or maybe it's even Glen and Silvia's town. I could actually be WAY off on the name, but traveling into DC on the train everyday plus taking every line (green, red, yellow, blue, orange...) to see potential permanent places to live has gotten me really mixed up. Basically, I jump on a train and if I figure out that I am going the wrong direction, I just jump off and back on another.

Wherever I am living now, it's great, but just a little far. Kudos goes to Toni who graciously contacted her brother and asked him if her "poor" friend could crash there for awhile (there may have been money involved as Toni knows how to take care of a friend, even if it calls for putting down a down payment! ha ha). My 2-legged housemates, Frank and Tina, have been great, and so have the 4-legged ones, Faith and Molly. They are finally getting used to me and I'm becoming just another person instead of "the NEW visitor that must be assaulted at all times" (by "They" I am referring to Faith and Molly, not Frank and Tina!)

I love my new job even though I have been putting in long days. It's just part of the job for now. I have to get totally comfortable with the processes as well as figure who/what/where and why of everything. Job wise, it's basically same, same...but different. They do have great coffee, though and a Vegan Cafe right around the corner!

The house hunt goes on...The actual move into another place will be no problem as I only have a large suitcase, but finding the right place to move to is proving harder than I thought. It's not a lack of cool places, it is an abundance of people trying to snag them. I went to a "showing" the other day and I showed up 5 minutes early only to find 3 people already there and another one right on my heels. During the course of the 10 minutes I was there, 5 more showed up. As the 2 current roommates "grilled" everyone, I felt like I was in some kind of a weird off-line dating ritual "name, stats, reason for being in DC, previous experiences, etc...

The whole bio thing is getting old. I don't want to say too much or too little...do I tell them I:
am 40? - TOO OLD!....
am vegetarian? - FREAKY ANIMAL LOVER...
don't want to sign a yr. lease - COMMITMENT PROBLEMS...
don't have a lot of stuff - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU...

I did talk to a guy today who has a place to rent in an area called Takoma, which I was told would be a great place for "people like me"...which I can equate to meaning that the people in Takoma care about the planet and animals,other people, artsy stuff, used clothing and vegetables. I will look at the house on Monday and it's definitely in my price range and area and he did say that "it's weird, I feel you would be right for the room, you are really easy to talk to and I feel you would fit in with the other roommates (5 of them)".

I thought to myself "no, Mr. potential landlord, it's not weird...I have used my positive mind power to entrance you through my words and am willing you to pick me as 'THE ONE'. 'THE ONE' who will earn the right to live in your Takoma 'people like me' neighborhood. 'THE ONE' who on this phone call will tell you everything you want to hear, because 'people like me' can control 'people like you' with our peaceful ways and our talk of healthy living, recycling and vegetables; our commitment to pitching in to clean, dividing electric bills, bathroom rotation and the ability to respect other's spaces".

Mr. potential landlord it is not weird, it is fate. I am the chosen one and little did you know that when you picked up the phone, I would have you at Hello.