08 July, 2008

4th of July.

We (my parents, my sister and her family and my niece's boyfriend's family) spent the 4th holiday at Grand Lake in Oklahoma. A completly relaxing time was much needed considering I had just completed an 11 hours car trip from Houston to Kansas the day before. Turning around and driving another 4 hours to relax, seemed insane, but not one to turn down a challenge, I threw clothes in my much used backpack and prepared to sit on my butt once again.

Tristen holding on for the ride.

Dylan catchin' a wave...

Logan...uh, going the other way??

And of course, no shot would be complete without the "Catch of the Day?

01 July, 2008

Last days in Belize

Amy and Brad snuck out of the farm while I was home in KS over Memorial Weekend...I really missed them, but made plans right away to visit them in San Ignacio on my way out. We spent an awesome day checking out their property they bought a couple of years ago...right on a river and soo beautiful. I'll definitely be a frequent visitor!

AWWWWWWW...how sweet...

Swinging from a vine!

Posing pretty??