24 June, 2008

Why I'm leaving Belize...

Okay, so this isn't the real reason, but it really is a good one!

This is a "coconut animal" as the local's call it. It causes a lot of damage to the trees so it doesn't have such a good rep.

Of course, I about freaked when I saw it calmly walking across the patio as if it was movin' in...I yelled to Guadalupe, who was cooking in the kitchen. (She and the other local women always get a good laugh over my 'freak-outs') so she calmly said "That coconut animal is bad, it should be killed". I looked at the small statured woman and said "You can't step on it; it's as big as your foot!"

G took a kitchen knife and tried to cut it in half and it FLEW into the brush. She then managed to cut its head off...GROSS! Esperanza was looking at it the whole time and said, "gross, there is stuff bubbling out of the spot where it's head was". And then the damn thing started walking or at least trying to...minus a large leg and a head. E then grabbed it and was really inspecting it as I snapped a couple photos and then retreated to another area.

She came over to me to show another horrid fact about the creature and I screamed (yes, like a little girl!) as I spotted it out of the corner of my eye moving towards my face. E apologized and said she wasn't trying to scare me but just wanted to show me something. Unfortunately “If you become a teacher, by your pupils you’ll be taught”, so I let her show me the uh…interesting?...markings and details of it. She finally retreated to go find the interns and show them, with my strict rules to “TELL THEM WHAT YOU HAVE before you shove the huge bug in their face!


Anonymous said...

That is a super "roach". You are one brave lady. Have you seen any snakes?

Melinda said...

I didn't see any, but others did. I would rather see a snake than some of the multi-legged creatures there.