16 June, 2008

What seemed like a good idea...

a leisurely stroll to the source and tubing back down to the farm, suddenly took a turn for the worse.

There are 5 interns here on the farm and we decided on this sunny peaceful Sunday to hike to the source of the river which is only about 30 minutes and then slowly float downstream back to the farm.

We started hiking and then I (the leader) admitted that I really wasn’t sure where to turn off the trail. I knew that at some point we would need to veer right on the trail. It had been a couple months since I went to the source and it was dry season, hence things looked very different then…

Four of the others had been to the source just last week, so they were confident that they would know where it was…something about we needed to pass a house with a nice yard?? as we hiked, the trail took a sharp turn upward, which definitely was not the direction we needed to go. We turned and headed back and then passed over a dry creek bed and after a democratic decision (that the creek bed must flow into the river) we started to hike along it.

After about 10 minutes of crawling and falling on the rocky surface, carrying our tubes, the creek bed took a turn to the left. K went on up ahead and shouted that it turns again…another decision was made by all to head back the way we came and go back down the trail. It was actually a beautiful place we were in so there weren’t any negative thoughts. We were all just hot and ready to find water!

Miraculously after getting back to the trail and walking for about 5 minutes, like the witches house in Hansel and Gretel the strange thatch house with the nice grassy yard suddenly appeared. Now we did not pass it on the way in because one of us would have noticed it! We must have previously been on some twilight zone parallel trail?? We passed through the yard and onto the trial in front of the house and immediately heard and then saw the river. It was a very strange experience…as if we passed through some time warp or something.

We arrived at the source and sat by the water for a while relishing in the cool water and then headed down stream. There was a rather scary drop off in the river which was pretty rocky. I took the initiative and went first. It was really fun and not that dangerous provided you stayed on your tube. The interns went one by one as I snapped the photo’s and cracked up! M1 fell off hers and was fine, M2 fell off hers and was not. M2 had slammed her foot into some sharp rocks. She was in a daze and we got her back on her tube and said we would head back quickly. She stuck her butt in the tube and stuck her foot out. I got a good look at it as it didn’t look that bad, but then I took another look. It had a large gash in it, but with the cold water and her foot in the air, it wasn’t even bleeding.

We got back to the farm and after 2 steps on dry land, it swelled up and looked as bad as Nancy the dog’s neck after Melon attacked her! J and I got on either side of her and helped her hobble along the trail which of course went up and up. At the top, we adjusted and M2 was able to put all her weight on us and hop a little. J finally told the 5 foot 10 M2 to get on her back and she would piggy-back her to the nearest rooms. J is strong and carried her steadily to a hammock. I told K to go get Dawn and come quickly (without the girls!) I rinsed the wound and picked out little stones which had made her foot looked like a butchered chicken with dead skin hanging and bright red meat gooping out, eughwwwwwwwww.

Christopher and K took her to PG (to the river on J’s back, canoe down to the village, hike to the truck, drive to the town – reverse on the way back) to the local clinic to get her stitched up. They got back late that night and she received tons of stitches...inside and out! Dawn and I took turns piggy-backing her to her room.

Now M2's out for the count for a week until the stitches come out. We got her all set up this morning in a hammock in the main common area so she can be a part of the camaraderie.

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