08 June, 2008

Nancy and Melon

Nancy was almost killed by Melon! yep, only they know why, but Melon attacked her at the river in front of the girls. The girls came up screaming to me and I calmly said in my teacher voice, "now girls, Melon won't kill Nancy, calm down and we'll go see what's happening." As we walked down to the river Z said "Melinda, what if Nancy dies" and I said "oh please, Z, Nancy's not going to die" and then I heard this sound.

It was the sound of an animal in incredible pain, but it didn't sound like a dog, more like a duck or something, but I knew in my heart that it was Nancy. I started to run down to the river and I yelled at the girls to go back to the house, but of course they kept following me. I got to the water and there was an intern (who had just arrived at that very moment) yelling that the black dog was killing the yellow dog. I looked at him in disbelief and said "that dog...Melon?" and he said yes, he had thrown rocks at the black dog to get it away from the other one. (they had moved their fight to the water) He said thatMelon had Nancy's neck and face in her mouth and was thrashing her about and holding her under the water.

Now, I must say that Melon is the sweetest, albeit dumbest dog there is. She's less than a year old, but bigger than Nancy. Nancy is the alpha dog and Melon has always backed down to her and I guess she decided to stop. There is a big probability that both dogs are pregnant and maybe the hormones in Melon's body are changing her. It's too bad that such a young dog is pregnant in the first place...but that's another story...

Melon was at that time out of the water and Nancy was standing chest deep on a log in the water. Melon lunged back into the water and I creamed at her "OUTSIDE MELON" (their word for "go away") and she ran back out as I was running in. The area where I was is full of logs, sticks and other stuff that has washed into the area, but is now flooded so I was falling all over the place stepping on unseen logs and shit. The girls and the intern dragged Melon up to the house and I finally got to Nancy and after realizing that she would not move, I proceeded to carry her out of the water, sometimes using their huge dog Belaya as support. I got her to the land and she couldn't walk. I was in rescue mode, or else I would have broken down crying. I sat there with her and she finally tried to take a step and fell. She had lacerations all over her neck and 2 teeth punctures on her head and one on that soft place under her chin near her throat.

I carried her up to the house and laid her down on the bench. She could not lay down for awhile (I think she was still in shock) but finally did so and an hour or so later she fell asleep. Today, she is up and walking around (slowly) and the intern said he cannot believe that she is alive. He thought for sure no dog could withstand that punishment and live to see another day.

Melon has been tied up since and we were joking that she probably forgot why she was there, but then Nancy came into her view and she growled like I have never heard her do and started barking. It really is the weirdest thing! I hate to see Melon tied up all the time, but then again, I think she will try to finish the job she started!

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