18 June, 2008


If you get a chance, check out the following websites. The first www.raceacrossamerica.org is...um, you guessed it, it's a race across america (bike). My longtime friend Allison sent me the link because her husband Mike is racing in it. His team website is, www.thefriarsclub.com

I nannied for Mike and Allison's daughter in Hawaii, when she was an infant. I don't even want to think about how old she is now!

A little bit of information from the Friars Club website:

The team of eight riders and crew of 10 will be pedaling over 3,013 miles in elevations ranging from 179 feet below sea level (Salton Sea, CA) to 10,275 feet above sea level (La Manga Pass, CO), climb over 100,000 feet, pass through 14 states, cross the 5 longest rivers that are entirely in the U.S….and hope to do all this in 7 days.

Their goal (in addition to finishing) is to:

• Completely fund the building of an approximately 2,000 square foot orphanage in Haiti (100% of gifts go directly to the construction of the facility).
• Provide housing for 50 orphans.

The cost to completely build an orphanage is only $25,000 (or $500 per child). Our team is partnering with C3 Missions International, a Kansas City based 501c3 organization devoted to serving orphaned children in regions such as Thailand, South Africa, Cambodia and Haiti. Not one penny contributed will be used for admin or race costs – 100% goes to work in constructing the facility and providing a home, food and shelter for 50 orphaned children.



Anonymous said...

hello, I don't really know you but I am Hannah.Mike is my awesome Daddy!I wasn't born when you nannied my sister, but I like your website and I agree; GO MIKE GO FRIARS! They finished their ride today!That was very nice of you to take your time and make this website.Thank you for making this.

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